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50 & Forward Campaign






Fifty years ago, the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s founders, alarmed by unchecked development and rampant pollution, established the Foundation in recognition of the unique skills of landscape architects to address the environmental crisis. Fifty years later, environmental issues have intensified with increased urbanization, species extinction, and climate change and adaptation, making the need for sustainable landscape solutions greater than ever.

LAF is marking its half-century commitment to the environment with its 50 & Forward Campaign. With a minimum goal of $3.5 million, this campaign will expand existing programs and support new initiatives that will position LAF to increase the capacity of the profession to meet the demands of the 21st century.


To date, the 50 & Forward Campaign has raised $4,231,050 — 121% of the $3.5 million goal.


Your investment will continue LAF’s legacy of leadership into the future. $3.5 million is the minimum necessary to expand and enhance LAF’s transformative programs.

LAF offers a variety of campaign recognition opportunities for gifts big and small. For additional information or to discuss giving and recognition opportunities, please contact Christina Sanders at or 202-331-7070 x13.



The 50 & Forward Campaign will have a lasting impact on the greater landscape architecture community. Through the creation of new programs and the expansion of existing ones, the campaign will allow LAF to:

  • Double annual support for students to diversify the pool of talent and increase academic opportunity
  • Lead a forum for practicing landscape architects to share innovative and entrepreneurial approaches and make the research ideas accessible to all
  • Invest in new research, which will benefit non-profit organizations, community leaders, and advocates as they make the case for more environmentally friendly policies and solutions
  • Expand research grants and stipends for academics and landscape architecture programs as they prepare the next generation of landscape architects
  • Increase investment in the profession to broaden and deepen the pool of talent, drive innovation for improved practices and create new business opportunities for the landscape industry

The 50 & Forward Campaign’s $3.5 million goal is the minimum necessary to expand and enhance LAF’s current programs. Every dollar above this amount will yield even greater returns for the landscape architecture profession. Exceeding the minimum goal will result in:

  • More scholarships for students

  • Greater investment in new and innovative research

  • More investment in fellowships for established professionals to drive leadership and entrepreneurship

  • Expanded capacity to communicate the value of landscape architecture and exemplary design

LAF is uniquely missioned to help landscape architects make their vital contribution in the 21st century. We seek your investment and invite you to support our campaign and share in our vision for a better future for all.