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2019 CSI Timeline

Nov 1, 2018
Faculty Expressions of Interest due

Nov 30, 2018
Firm/project applications due
Faculty full applications due

December 2018
Participants notified

Feb 4, 2019
2018 CSI program begins

Aug 5, 2019
2018 CSI program ends

Sept-Dec 2019
Resulting case studies published

To support design firms in assessing and documenting the performance of exemplary landscape projects, LAF offers the Case Study Investigation (CSI) program, where select practitioners are matched with leading faculty and LAF-sponsored student research assistants to produce Case Study Briefs for inclusion in the Landscape Performance Series.

Design firms identify high-performing built projects with known or potential quantifiable landscape benefits and work with faculty-student teams to quantify benefits and produce case studies. Specifically, design firm participants:

  • Provide the narrative for projects including background information, descriptions of sustainable features, unique design challenges, and lessons learned
  • Assist the research team in identifying potential performance benefits and information to quantify them.
  • Provide the research team with access to key project personnel, photos, documents, clients, and other stakeholders
  • Participate in CSI program webinars and reviews
  • Should be prepared to devote an average of 20-35 staff hours to the CSI program

Design firms apply with specific projects are selected to participate in CSI based on the quality of projects submitted, the projects’ potential to produce comprehensive quantified benefits, availability of baseline information, and the firm’s commitment to work with the research teams for the duration of CSI. Once selected, each design firm is assigned a faculty-student research team based on geographic proximity, relevant expertise, and prior relationships. Application materials will be made available in early October 2018.

CSI Project/Firm Application - Due Nov 30, 2018

Firms submit a separate proposal for each project and may propose as many high-performing landscape projects as they wish.

CSI is a unique opportunity to showcase exemplary work, expand capacity to capture performance information, build relationships with leading researchers, and provide a unique professional development experience for students. 

For more information, contact Megan Barnes at

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