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LPS Resources are Growing with the Help of Submitters, Research Assistants...and You!

Have you checked out the Landscape Performance Series lately? Since the September launch, we’ve added new Case Studies, Factoids, Tools and Scholarly Works. New Case Study Briefs include contributions from Peter Walker and Partners, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), and Mithun.

uva-rakatieUVA First-year MLA student Katie JenkinsOther resources have been added thanks to our stellar team of Research Assistants. Katie Jenkins and Erica Thatcher, both MLA students at the University of Virginia, are working with professor Kristina Hill to identify new sources for LPS content. Katie has been combing the university databases to seek out factoids from published research and build our collection of student theses and dissertations related to landscape performance. Erica has compiled research on landscape benefits related to soil health and is working to produce a Case Study Brief on the Dell at UVA.

Kent Milson, a Masters of Urban Planning student at Texas A&M, is working with Department Head Forster Ndubisi to identify online calculators and uva-raericaUVA third-year MLA student Erica Thatchertools that can be used to quantify the landscape performance benefits of projects.

You, too, can contribute by sending us any leads on Tools, Factoids, and Scholarly Works. Or showcase your good work by submitting a case study to our growing database of exemplary built projects.

The deadline to submit for the upcoming round of review and publication is Tues, Nov 30. The next call won’t be until April 2011, so submit your case study today!

LAF's Invaluable Interns

topstoryphoto8-664w-dvzCara, Morgan (left) and Anthony (right) pose triumphantly with LAF staff after the Annual Benefit.LAF’s small staff relies on the help of interns to expand our impact. In just the last month, we’ve launched a new website, kicked off our new Landscape Performance Series and Conversations with Leaders in Landscape initiative, run a sweepstakes, manned an ASLA Expo Hall booth, hosted events for our Board, donors, and Olmsted Scholars, and held our most successful benefit to date. (Whew!)

We could never have accomplished all this without this summer’s dedicated team of LAF interns.

Research Assistant Russell Blessing provided remote support for the Landscape Performance Series, helping us build the collection of tools, factoids, and scholarly works.

dsc0044mTyler and Cara check in Annual Benefit guests.

Summer interns Tyler Smithson and Morgan Handley provided graphic design and ongoing support, particularly for the Annual Benefit, Sweepstakes, and Expo Hall booth. Their dedication to LAF despite holding two other jobs (Tyler) and missing the first two weeks of classes (Morgan) was truly remarkable.

We were extremely fortunate that Cara Kappler, a past LAF intern and Scholarship Coordinator, returned to work with us for the last month. Using experience gleaned from last year’s events, Cara took charge and coordinated many aspects of our Annual Benefit and Expo Hall Booth.

New LAF volunteer Amanda Schull provided dsc0059mMorgan fields questions about the Sustainable Destination Sweepstakes.much-needed assistance and calm during the last week of frantic final preparations and as the events got underway.

Past LAF intern, Anthony Le returned to provide the music and lend an extra hand during our Annual Benefit.

We cannot thank our interns enough for the time and talent they contributed to LAF. Several of them are currently looking for jobs in the landscape architecture field (and the others will be following graduation), so take note, potential employers!