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Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for Landscape Performance Series Case Studies

Have you found yourself browsing LAF’s Case Study Briefs in the Landscape Performance Series (LPS), looking for ways to measure performance or just getting excited about new developments in design? Our hardworking Case Study Investigation (CSI) teams developed the LPS library of 150 case studies since 2011. The final case studies are more than just the result of months of work evaluating landscape performance for built projects–they represent a scholarly publication that has been peer-reviewed. This distinction is critical, as the case studies represent important works of research to support further knowledge of landscape performance, not to mention that peer review is an integral part of the tenure and promotion process in academia. Further, the rigor of peer review cements these case studies as a resource for both practice and future research. To more effectively represent the case studies as the scholarly product that they are, an alumnus of the CSI program suggested that LAF assign a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to each. DOIs provide a persistent link to online, scholarly content and are used widely to identify academic, professional, and government information, including journal articles, research papers, reports and other publications.

In April, LAF applied and was accepted as a member of CrossRef, a DOI Registration Agency. Membership allows LAF to assign DOIs to case studies and other scholarly products, which will enable persistent cross-publisher citation in online academic journals and other research papers. Having DOIs will benefit both the authors and LAF by enhancing the visibility of the documents and lending more academic credibility to our many authors. We are pleased to offer this increased level of visibility to our researchers and users and ensure that LPS content remains accessible to all. 

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