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Landscape Architecture Podcast Round-Up



Traveling this holiday season? Load up your phone or media player with some landscape architecture-related podcasts. Here are some of our favorites.


america-adapts-120America Adapts

The America Adapts podcast explores the challenges, approaches, and national movement around adapting to climate change. In episode 54, host Doug Parsons attended the 2017 American Society of Landscape Architects conference and interviewed a wide swath of participants, including LAF CEO Barbara Deutsch. From legendary Martha Schwartz to students just entering the field, listen for insights and advice on how landscape architecture is stepping up to the challenge of adaptation.


common-edge-120Common Edge Podcast

Common Edge is a non-profit dedicated to reconnecting architecture and design with the public that it’s meant to serve. They produce editorials, interviews, and podcasts. We especially like their July podcast on Landscape Architecture in the Age of Climate Change, which features Brooklyn-based firm, Local Office Landscape Architecture (LOLA) discussing resilience, the relationship between science and design, and how the firm became an advisor to the Obama Administration.


homelandlab-120Homeland Lab

Now with 13 episodes, the Homeland Lab podcast is an initiative of LAF Fellow Brice Maryman, whose work explores the intersection of public space and homelessness. The podcast features a diversity of perspectives — politicians, people who have experienced homelessness, designers, researchers, public space managers — to help foster a more nuanced and productive understanding about the profound relationship between homelessness and public space.


design-chatter-120Design Chatter

Sasaki’s podcast features notable guests from creative disciplines, the occasional thought piece, humor, and tangents. Episode 2 features LAF 2011 National Olmsted Scholar Kate Tooke discussing a topic near and dear to her as a researcher, former teacher, and parent: play. The section from 9:20 to 16:05 on why children need play should be required listening for every designer and parent.


remarkable-objects-120Remarkable Objects

This podcast about the intersection of nature and urban design was launched by DeepRoot in 2016. The first episode features LAF CEO Barbara Deutsch discussing landscape performance and resources to help quantify the environmental, social, and economic impacts of sustainable site design.

  1. LAFDec 19th, 2017 10:48am
    LAF said:

    Yes! We've been checking the list of upcoming episodes -- lots of good stuff in the works! We'll be sure to include the podcast as an update or in our next roundup.

  2. Michael TodoranDec 19th, 2017 10:40am
    Michael Todoran said:

    For your consideration there is also ‘The Landscape Architecture Podcast’ - We Interviewed Barbara Deutsch and is currently being edited.

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