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New Documentary Showcases Key Themes and Energy of LAF Summit

Couldn’t attend LAF’s Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future back in June? Or were you there, but want to revisit and share some of the ideas and arguments presented in the “Declarations” and panels?

LAF has just released The New Landscape Declaration, a 20-minute documentary featuring exclusive interviews and recorded footage from the Summit. The film highlights key themes from this critical, provocative, and inspirational examination of the role of landscape architecture in addressing the challenges our our time and the next 50 years. Interviewees include James Corner, Gina Ford, Randy Hester, Mario Schjetnan, Martha Schwartz, Kongjian Yu, and many more.

With music, landscape imagery and stark text animations, filmmakers Michael Rubin, Joanna Karaman and Sahar Coston-Hardy skillfully weave together thought-provoking clips from the Summit and interviews, imbuing the documentary with the same spirit of urgency and opportunity that rang through the Summit itself.


Get a preview in the trailer above, or see the full film at:

Support for the documentary was provided by PennDesign and OLIN. Additional footage was provided by Amon Focus and Visual Sound.

For those who want to see even more from the Summit, recordings from the full two days of Declarations and panels are now available and can be accessed at:

  1. Charles W. HarrisAug 12th, 2017 9:53am
    Charles W. Harris said:

    I am very impressed with the general directions and scope of the recomendations by the LAF Summit. They reflect the distilation of the best creative thinking and professional activities by many within our profession since its founding and the more recent joint study by ASLA/NCILA (now CELA) in 1968 - 72. The world is gradually starting to accept our profession as initiators and collaborators to do wise planning and design at all scales of the local to global environments.

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