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Welcome 2013-2014 Board of Directors

The new LAF Board of Directors took the reins on November 14 at LAF’s Annual Board Meeting in Boston. During a jam-packed three days of meetings and events, Board members demonstrated their vision, passion, and thought leadership in helping LAF to increase our collective capacity to achieve sustainability and cultivate the next generation of leaders.

Jacinta McCann, FAILA of AECOM began her term as President, succeeding Bill Main, Hon. ASLA of Landscape Forms, whose leadership and business acumen helped lay the groundwork for measuring and increasing impact as LAF approaches its 50th anniversary in 2016. Mark Dawson, FASLA of Sasaki Associates became President-Elect after serving for two years as Vice President of Finance.

Directors Laura Solano and Paul Bambauer assumed new roles as officers, joining three continuing officers on the executive leadership team. The Board also created a new executive position to focus on growing LAF’s leadership programs and initiatives, which will be filled by 2011-2012 President Lucinda Sanders. 

  • Vice President of Finance:
    Laura Solano, ASLA, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
  • Vice President of Development:
    Paul Bambauer, IRONSMITH
  • Vice President of Communication:
    Nate Cormier, ASLA, SvR Design Company
  • Vice President of Education:
    Kristina Hill, PhD, Aff. ASLA, University of Virginia
  • Vice President of Research:
    Forster Ndubisi, PhD, FASLA, Texas A&M University
  • Vice President of Leadership:
    Lucinda Sanders, FASLA, OLIN

Gregg Sutton, ASLA of EDSA retired off the Board after four years of service, including two terms as Vice President of Development. Kinder Baumgardner, ASLA, CSLA of SWA Group left after five years as a Director. Emily Vogler of the Rhode Island School of Design rotated off after serving a two-year term as past Olmsted Scholar representative, and Susan Hatchell, FASLA rotated off after serving for a year in an Ex Officio capacity as an ASLA Representative.

Five new Directors joined the LAF Board, bringing experience and insights from landscape architecture practice and academia. Andrea Gaffney, LAF’s first National Olmsted Scholar, was selected for the open Director position for past Olmsted Scholars. ASLA Immediate Past President Thomas Tavella, FASLA will serve as the ASLA Representative. Welcome to the new Board members:

  • Andrea Gaffney, SWA Group
  • Kona Gray, ASLA, EDSA
  • Stephanie Rolley, FASLA, Kansas State University
  • Joe Runco, ASLA, SWA Group
  • Thomas Tavella, FASLA, ASLA Immediate Past President

We look forward to working with this accomplished group and continuing LAF’s growth and momentum in the year ahead. Thanks to all for your commitment and contributions!

board-ab(Some of) the 2013-2014 Board of Directors at the LAF Annual Benefit. (You try getting them all in the same place at the same time!)
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