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Call for Scholarly Works

textblock-scholarlyworksLAF is seeking theses and dissertations related to landscape performance to add to our Landscape Performance Series (LPS) database. If you know of exemplary student work completed by recent graduates from landscape architecture or allied disciplines, please consider submitting it for publication in the LPS Scholarly Works.

The LPS Scholarly Works are a searchable collection of original student research on:

  • benefits of landscape
  • post occupancy evaluations or analyses of monitoring data
  • cost comparisons of traditional versus sustainable approaches
  • applications of existing research to quantify benefits of existing or proposed landscape projects

Please send submissions as pdf attachments (20MB max) to by Aug 15, 2012. All submissions will be reviewed for quality and appropriateness prior to publication. Accepted works will be published by Sept 30, 2012.

Selection into the LPS increases awareness of sustainable projects, demonstrates thought-leadership, and shares innovative research so that others – both inside and outside the profession of landscape architecture – can learn from exemplary works and create change.

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