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2012 CSI Research Fellows Announced

Twelve faculty Research Fellows have been selected for LAF’s Summer 2012 Case Study Investigation (CSI) program. This unique research collaboration matches LAF-funded faculty and student research teams with design firms to document the benefits of exemplary high-performing landscape projects as Landscape Performance Series Case Study Briefs.

Research Fellows lead the case study preparation, work with firms to identify performance benefits of select projects, and develop methods for data collection. They also receive an honorarium and funding to support a student research assistant. These select faculty members provide expertise in quantifying landscape benefits, and the academic rigor that is needed to support designers, policy-makers, and advocates who are making the case for sustainable landscape solutions.

csi-graphic-v2The following LAF Research Fellows will lead the ten Summer 2012 Case Study Investigation teams:

  • Barry Lehrman, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Molly Mehling, PhD, Chatham University
  • Jessica Canfield, Kansas State University
  • Claudia Goetz Phillips, PhD, Philadelphia University
  • Mary Myers, PhD, Temple University
  • Ming Han Li, PhD, Texas A&M University
    Bruce Dvorak, Texas A&M University
  • Bo Yang, PhD, Utah State University
  • Victoria Chanse, PhD, University of Maryland
  • Chris Ellis, PhD, University of Maryland
    Byoung-Suk Kweon, PhD, University of Maryland
  • Nancy Rottle, University of Washington

The selection process was highly competitive, with the number of proposals indicating the strong level of enthusiasm for the CSI program. CSI provides a unique opportunity for faculty to sharpen research skills, build relationships with top landscape architecture firms, collaborate with peers, and gain national exposure as thought leaders.

Projects and firms selected for participation in the Summer 2012 CSI program will be announced in April.

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