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2011: A Look Back

This past year has been an extraordinary one for LAF. We’ve provided more support than ever to students, faculty, and firms to increase awareness, generate demand, and strengthen our collective capacity to achieve sustainability through landscape architecture. Over the last year we:

  • Awarded a record-breaking $100,000 to students.
  • Recognized 40 new Olmsted Scholars, the next generation of sustainability leaders, and offered $1,000 awards to the five finalists in addition to the prestigious $25,000 award for the national winner.
  • Provided unique collaborative research opportunities for 10 faculty, student and practitioner teams through the innovative Case Study Investigation (CSI) pilot program.
  • Added significant content to the Landscape Performance Series (LPS), including 30 new case studies, 25 tools and calculators, and 35 Fast Facts.
  • Met with over 2,000 professionals to increase awareness about the innovative resources in the LPS to help make the case for more sustainable landscape solutions.

We could not have accomplished all this without the support from our many donors! Thank you to all who contributed, participated, and offered their financial support to make this good work possible´╗┐, so that we may all achieve our potential to create a healthier, safer, and more peaceful planet.

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