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Three New Opportunities for Faculty

LAF is delighted to offer three opportunities to support academic research related to landscape performance. Accepted works will be included in the Landscape Performance Series. For more information, contact Linda Ashby at

LAF Fellowship Program for Faculty

Proposals due April 18

LAF is offering a new and exclusive fellowship opportunity for select faculty with achievements related to landscape performance. LAF Research Fellows receive funding to support a graduate assistant and work with leading firms to produce case studies of exemplary high-performing landscapes. Fellows will lead this unique collaboration, providing guidance to collect post-occupancy information and quantify environmental, economic and social benefits.

For more information and to apply, download a Fellowship Announcement & Proposal Form. To be considered, completed proposals must be submitted to by April 18.

Call for Case Studies

Letter of Intent due April 15; Case Study due June 1

The LPS Case Study Briefs showcase exemplary built projects with quantified environmental, economic, and social benefits. LAF offers an opportunity for faculty and researchers to contribute to this online database while earning authorship through a double-blind peer-review process. To do this, authors submit a case study following LAF’s online guidance along with two additional requirements:
      -  Literature Review / Best Practices Review
      -  Document on Applicability to the Profession

To participate, submit a Letter of Intent to by April 15. The one-page letter should contain an abstract of the proposed case study with information about the project, objectives, approach, key performance benefits and outcome.

Important Dates
April 15, 2011        Letter of Intent Due
June 1, 2011         Case Study Submissions Due
August 1, 2011      Review Committee Comments and Requests for Revisions Sent
October 1, 2011    Revised Submissions Due

Call for Scholarly Works

Due June 15

LAF is expanding the LPS Scholarly Works to include faculty research papers, journal articles, and conference proceedings related to landscape performance. Topics include research on the benefits of landscape, post occupancy evaluations, and applications of existing research to determine benefits for existing or proposed projects or policies.

Reseachers may submit any of the following to by June 15 to be considered for inclusion in the LPS:
      -  Abstract of your published paper with link to access full text through the publisher’s database
      -  Conference proceedings of which you hold the copyright
      -  Peer-reviewed paper of which you hold the copyright

All submissions must be relevant to landscape performance and will be reviewed to ensure they meet LAF standards.

Important Dates
June 15, 2011         Scholarly Works Submissions Due
August 15, 2011      Notification of Acceptance

  1. Paul KissingerMay 12th, 2011 9:20pm
    Paul Kissinger said:

    I just heard the presentation at EDSA on the Landscape Performance series. A lot of great information was presented and I am looking forward to seeing the series grow. I had a couple of thoughts with regard to getting materials into the Performance series, and really digging into the great work that many of the Graduate programs in Landscape Architecture are producing. As part of the outreach program I saw that you have presented to CELA. It would seem that if the graduate programs in landscape architecture adopted your submittal checklist as part of the requirements for a graduate research thesis, you would be able to generate a fair amount of data that could be beneficial to the performance series. Another group that might be helpful, would be to search out the LAAB, which does the accreditation for landscape architecture programs. It may be an opportunity to work in as part of the accreditation process, scholarly research, which could be quantified by the research that students or faculty complete, that become part of the Landscape Performance Series. Not sure if these ideas have any legs, but it might turn into something.

    Thanks again for the presentation, and good luck!

  2. Baldev LambaApr 10th, 2011 4:55pm
    Baldev Lamba said:

    I am unable to download the LAF Fellowship Program forms.


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