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Jobs Bill for Landscape Architects: EPA Stormwater Ruling

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is drafting new stormwater regulations to modernize stormwater management, scheduled for release this fall. The new rules are likely to focus on locally appropriate performance standards for capturing stormwater onsite, giving a strong impetus for LID and green infrastructure techniques. Current regulations simply require cities to use best management practices with no performance goal.
This rule change would not only promote sustainable practices, but would deliver the largest jobs bill for landscape architects of our time.
EPA needs to make the case to Congress that green infrastructure meets stormwater performance objectives as well as creates jobs and costs less. We know this is true but we need to show it.  The case studies in LAF’s Landscape Performance Series achieve this, but we need more – more case studies, in more geographic locations, and with more land use examples.
Please support ASLA’s effort to collect 300 LID case studies by March 31st, and then develop your case study further to submit to LAF to be a part of the Landscape Performance Series.  
With budget cuts, program eliminations, and upcoming legislation, we need to make the case for sustainable landscape solutions now more than ever, so please make the time to document your good work accordingly.

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