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Leaders in Landscape Architecture Assess the Profession

On May 11, 2010, 24 leaders in landscape architecture gathered in Chicago for a moderated roundtable discussion sponsored by Landscape Forms and LAF. The purpose was to share ideas on how current economic realities are impacting landscape architecture practice, how firms are responding to the challenge, and how participants see the prospects for the profession. Guests came from 15 states and all regions of the country, from small proprietor-led practices and large interdisciplinary firms.

Barbara Faga of AECOM, San Francisco observed, “We are in a paradigm shift and we’ve just got to get used to it.” She noted that the opportunities now are in infrastructure: water resources, healthy cities, and transportation. “The easy projects are done,” she declared. “Now they’re all going to be difficult. They’re not going to be greenfields. They’re all going to be in town, they’re all going to be complicated, and they’re all going to have political action attached to them. We should be involved in these because that’s where the work is and that’s something we know about doing. It’s still our work. We’ve just got to reorganize it.”

View the full Roundtable summary here or on the Landscape Forms Community page.

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