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Summit Panelist: Scott Irvine

Scott Irvine
June 11, 2016

Scott Irvine
Masters of Landscape Architecture Student, University of Manitoba

Scott Irvine is currently a graduate student in the Masters of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Manitoba where he was awarded a Graduate Fellowship and where he has also attained a Bachelor of Environmental Design in the Landscape + Urbanism Option. His first experience in the profession came at the CSLA-award-winning firm Basterfield & Associates Landscape Architects in Peterborough, Ontario. He was the University of Manitoba Olmsted Scholar nominee in 2015.

Scott has led several student initiatives: Freshbrew, an off-kilter student lecture series aimed at improving public speaking and fostering better inter-departmental community, and the LA Salon, an informal setting for graduate students to share their work and instill a healthy competitive environment. Scott has also partnered with the Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects with an installation for Parking Day 2014 and Balmori Associates for the installation of their 2015 Winnipeg Cool Garden: A Landscape Never Happens Twice. Scott presented a paper at Atmosphere Symposium 2015 in Winnipeg entitled Inherent Instability: Process, Connectivity, and Causality. A key research topic has been interrogating how we inhabit complex systems and what it means for landscape architecture to actualize in the epoch of the anthropocene. His design practicum is focused on landscapes of past industrial use in the city of Thunder Bay, with key questions of the role of memory in landscape, how landscape architecture should intercede in places of many narratives, and the role of the sublime in 21st century landscape architecture.