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Summit Panelist: Diane Jones Allen

Diane Jones Allen
June 11, 2016

Diane Jones Allen, PhD, ASLA, PLA
Principal Landscape Architect, DesignJones LLC

Diane Jones Allen, ASLA, PLA has a Doctorate in Transportation Civil Engineering, a Master of Landscape Architecture, 27-years of diverse experience in private and public practice focused on the areas of land use planning, transportation planning, and large-scale residential and park design projects. In professional practice, she has focused on projects that affected the quality of life of community residents, whether it was strategic planning for county/parish development, site planning for public housing, urban design for a new transportation corridor, or design of a community playground. The purpose of her work has been to have positive effect on the physical environment in which people live their lives, and bring equity, access and enhancement to the quality of life of communities of various scales.

She is currently Principal Landscape Architect with DesignJones LLC in New Orleans, Louisiana. The framework of emphasis that guides aspects of Ms. Jones Allen’s research and practice is environmental justice, especially as it affects minority and urban communities. Recent scholarship examines the intersection of cultural identity and environmental sustainability in African- American cultural landscapes, as well as “Nomadic” responses to the problem of “Transit Desert” which are places of increasing transportation demand and limited access.