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Summit Speaker: Alan Berger

Alan Berger
June 10, 2016

Alan M. Berger
Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Co-Director of MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism and Founding Director of P-REX lab, MIT

Alan M. Berger is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning where he teaches courses open to the entire student body. He is Co-Director of CAU, MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism, and founding director of P-REX lab at MIT. All of his research and work emphasizes the link between urbanization and consumption of natural resources, and the waste and destruction of landscape, to help us better understand how to proceed with redesigning around our lifestyles for more intelligent outcomes. He coined the term “Systemic Design” to emphasize the importance of linking local and regional systems throughout the design process.

In addition to his award winning books Drosscape: Wasting Land in Urban America, and Reclaiming the American West, his other books include Designing the Reclaimed Landscape; Scaling Infrastructure (ed.); Nansha Coastal City: Landscape and Urbanism in the Pearl River Delta (with Margaret Crawford); Systemic Design © Can Change the World; and Landscape + Urbanism Around the Bay of Mumbai (with Rahul Mehrotra). His next book, Infinite Suburbia, (a 1200 page tome co-edited with Joel Kotkin, Celina Balderas Guzman) includes 52 leading authors and will be released in fall 2017. Prior to MIT he was Associate Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2002-2008. He has lectured and exhibited worldwide on a variety of urban topics and consults through his own design practice. He is a Prince Charitable Trusts Fellow of The American Academy in Rome.