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Summit Panelist: Adrian McGregor

Adrian McGregor
June 11, 2016

Adrian McGregor
Managing Director, McGregor Coxall

Adrian McGregor is a Landscape Architecture and Urban Design professional and managing director of McGregor Coxall, a Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai based environmental design firm.  Graduating with a bachelor of landscape architecture from Canberra in 1988 he began his career in Sydney moving on to North America and finally the UK. Selected as one of Sydney’s 100 most creative people, he founded McGregor Coxall in 1998 and the Biocity Research Studio in 2006 to combine practice with academia. The firm has received more than 60 awards including the prestigious European Topos journal International Landscape Architecture Practice of the Year presented in Reykjavík, Iceland in 2009. In 2012 he won the Prime Minister of Australia’s Urban Design award and is currently writing a book about designing sustainable cities whilst teaching a masters of architecture studio at the University of Technology Sydney.