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Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future


The New Landscape Declaration: A Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future


June 10-11, 2016


University of Pennsylvania

Thank you to all who attended and to the 75 presenters and panelists who worked hard to prepare the thought-provoking content! We are working to post summaries and videos.


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Thank you to all who attended the Summit! With 715 attendees coming from as far away as China, Argentina and Australia, the Summit was an inspirational, provocative, and constructive look to the future and an invigorating experience for everyone there. LAF used all of the input to craft The New Landscape Declaration, which was released in October.

On June 10-11, 2016 in Philadelphia the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) convened a diverse group of preeminent thinkers and influencers from around the world to set the course for landscape architecture to make its vital contribution in the 21st century.

Over two days, 75 established and emerging leaders presented their “Declarations” and engaged in lively debate about realizing landscape architecture’s potential and effecting real world change. Overarching themes of humanism, interdependence, and concern regarding climate change ran through most of the declarations and discussions.

The Summit marked 50 years since Ian McHarg and other leading landscape architects composed LAF’s seminal Declaration of Concern, which decried the burgeoning environmental crisis and heralded landscape architecture as critical to help solve it. Building on this legacy, this one-time historic gathering was devised to culminate in a redrafting of the original 1966 Declaration of Concern and a landmark publication of the ideas presented.

Summit Documentary


20-min film showcases key themes and energy
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