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The Summit took place at the University of Pennsylvania’s Irvine Auditorium on June 10-11, 2016. Day 1 was a series of “Declarations” from 25 prominent speakers and delegates, who critically reflected on what landscape architecture has achieved over the last 50 years and presented bold ideas for what it should achieve in the future. Day 2 consisted of thematic panels that responded to the Day 1 presentations and engaged in lively debate about realizing landscape architecture’s potential and effecting real world change.

On the evening of June 10, the Landscape Architecture Foundation hosted a lively dinner and reception at the Constitution Center to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the organization’s founding.

Summit Day 1: Declarations



8:30am    Opening Remarks  [See Video]

                      Marilyn Jordan Taylor, Dean, Penn School of Design
                      Kona Gray, President, LAF Board of Directors
                      Barbara Deutsch, LAF Executive Director

8:50am    Historical Context  [See Video]

                      Elizabeth K. Meyer

9:10am    Declarations

                      Introductions: Richard Weller, LAF Board of Directors

                      Alpa Nawre: Developing Landscapes of Resource Management  [See Video + Essay]

                      Christopher Marcinkoski: Landscape Beyond the Biotic: In Advocacy of a Revised Litany  [See Video + Essay]

                      Blaine Merker: Cities for People, Cities for the Planet  [See Video + Essay]

                      Dirk Sijmons: Landscape Architecture: New Adventures Ahead!  [See Video + Essay]

10:00am  Break

10:30am  Declarations

                      Introductions: Jacinta McCann, LAF Board of Directors

                      Gina Ford: Into an Era of Landscape Humanism  [See Video + Essay]

                      Christophe Girot: Topology and Landscape Experimentation [See Video + Essay]

                      Tim Duggan: Regenerative Infrastructure Systems through Urban Acupuncture

                      Martha Fajardo: Manifesto about the Profession’s Future [See Video + Essay]

11:25am  Declarations

                      Introductions: Ignacio Bunster-Ossa, LAF Board of Directors

                      Patricia O’Donnell: Landscape Architects as Advocates for Culture-Based Sustainable Development  [See Video + Essay]

                      Mario Schjetnan: Evolution and Prospective Outlook  [See Video + Essay]

                      David Gouverneur: The Environmental/Social Crisis and the Challenges of Informal Urbanization  [See Video + Essay]

                      Kongjian Yu: The Art of Survival  [See Video + Essay]

12:15pm  Lunch

1:15pm    Declarations

                      Introductions: Mark Dawson, LAF Board of Directors

                      Marc Treib: Less a Declaration Than Some Thoughts  [See Video + Essay]

                      James Corner: Landscape City

                      Charles Birnbaum: Boundary Expansion [See Video + Essay]

                      Feng Han: Connecting Human and Nature for an Ideal Future  [See Video + Essay]

                      Nina-Marie Lister: Of Wilderness, Wild-ness and Wild Things  [See Video + Essay]

2:20pm    Declarations

                      Introductions: Jim Manskey, LAF Board of Directors

                      Henri Bava: For a Landscape-Led Urbanism  [See Video + Essay]

                      Martha Schwartz: Beyond Practice  [See Video + Essay]

                      Randy Hester: The Declaration of Interdependence  [See Video + Essay]

3:00pm    Break

3:30pm    Declarations

                      Introductions: Forster Ndubisi, LAF Board of Directors

                      Kelly Shannon: Landscape Architecture as Necessity  [See Video + Essay]

                      Charles Waldheim: The Landscape Architect as Urbanist of Our Age  [See Video + Essay]

                      Kate Orff: Urban Ecology as Activism  [See Video + Essay]

                      Gerdo Aquino: Landscape Futures  [See Video + Essay]

4:20pm    Retrospect and Prospect  [See Video]

                      Carl Steinitz: On the Future of Landscape Architecture  [See Video]

                      Moderator: Fritz Steiner
                      Panelists: Cornelia Hahn OberlanderPeter WalkerLaurie Olin

5:15pm    Closing Remarks

                      Barbara Deutsch, LAF Executive Director


Summit Day 2: Panels


9:00am    Opening Remarks

                      Kona Gray, President, LAF Board of Directors

9:05am    Panel 1: Aesthetics  [See Video]

                      Moderator: Adam Greenspan, LAF Board of Directors
                      Panelists: Claude CormierMaria GoulaMikyoung KimChris ReedKen Smith

9:55am    Panel 2: Ecology  [See Video]

                      Moderator: Kristina Hill, LAF Board of Directors
                      Panelists: José AlmiñanaJulie BargmannBrett MilliganEllen NeisesAntje Stokman

10:40am  Break

11:10am  Panel 3: Society  [See Video]

                      Moderator: Deb Guenther, LAF Board of Directors
                      Panelists: Alison HirschJeffrey HouDiane Jones Allen, Anne Whiston Spirn

12:00pm  Panel 4: Innovation  [See Video]

                      Moderator: Susannah Drake, LAF Board of Directors
                      Panelists: Andrea HansenLiat MargolisAdrian McGregorKaren M’CloskeyMarcel Wilson

12:45pm  Lunch

1:45pm    Panel 5: Academic Practice [See Video]                

                      Moderator: M. Elen Deming, LAF Board of Directors
                      Panelists: Anita BerrizbeitiaJacky BowringJulia CzerniakSusan HerringtonAnuradha Mathur

2:35pm    Panel 6: Private Practice  [See Video]

                      Moderator: Laura Solano, LAF Board of Directors
                      Panelists: Thomas BalsleyKeith BowersJoe BrownKathryn GustafsonMark Johnson

3:25pm    Panel 7: Public Practice  [See Video]

                      Moderator: Mia Lehrer, LAF Board of Directors
                      Panelists: Nette ComptonMark FochtChristian GabrielEd GarzaDeborah Marton

4:10pm    Break

4:40pm    Panel 8: Capacity Organizations  [See Video]

                      Moderator: Stephanie Rolley, LAF Board of Directors
                      Panelists: Barbara Deutsch,  Kathryn MooreRaquel PeñalosaJohn PetersonPatrick PhillipsNancy Somerville

5:30pm    Panel 9: Emerging Leaders  [See Video]

                      Moderator: Lucinda Sanders, LAF Board of Directors
                      Panelists: Nina ChaseAzzurra CoxScott IrvineJoanna KaramanTim Mollette-ParksSarah Primeau

6:05pm   Next Steps and Closing Remarks  [See Video]

                     Barbara Deutsch, LAF Executive Director
                     Kona Gray, President, LAF Board of Directors           


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