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The New Landscape Declaration Documentary Film


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The New Landscape Declaration is a critical, provocative, and inspirational examination of the role of landscape architecture and the design of public space in addressing the challenges of our time, including equity, climate change, public health, rapid urbanization, and more.

This 20-minute documentary features exclusive interviews and recorded footage from the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s 2016 Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future. With music, landscape imagery and stark text animations, filmmakers Michael Rubin, Joanna Karaman and Sahar Coston-Hardy skillfully weave together thought-provoking clips from the summit and interviews, imbuing the documentary with a spirit of urgency and opportunity. A must-see for anyone interested in parks, public space, or global urbanization.

The New Landscape Declaration [Documentary]

Running time: 20:28
Language: English
Release Date: 9/12/16
Produced by: Landscape Architecture Foundation
Filmmakers: Michael Rubin, Joanna Karaman, and Sahar Coston-Hardy
Additional footage: Amon Focus, Visual Sound
Music: Michael Smith
Special thanks to: PennDesign, OLIN


Available on demand on Vimeo:

Trailer 1 [1:55] - For landscape architecture audiences

Trailer 2 [2:12] - For general audiences

Full documentary [20:28]



What is the role of landscape architecture today?

On the eve of its 50th anniversary, the Landscape Architecture Foundation asked a diverse group of the world’s leading landscape architects to reflect on the last half-century and present bold ideas for the future. Well beyond the public conception of the profession as “gardener” or “park designer,” these landscape architects discussed their role in addressing weighty issues like climate change, urbanization, management of vital resources like water, and global inequities.

Through exclusive interviews and summit footage, this documentary highlights key themes from this critical, provocative, and inspirational examination. It features over 30 global leaders in landscape architecture including:

  • James Corner, designer of New York City’s the High Line
  • Kate Orff, innovator and design activist
  • Martha Schwartz, pop art park public space designer turned climate activist
  • Mario Schjetnan, designer of Mexico City’s Xochimilco Ecological Park and Chapultapec Park rehabilitation
  • Kongjian Yu, influencer in China’s “sponge city” movement


Selected Screenings

  • 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture in Canberra, Australia
  • 2017 LABash Conference in College Park, Maryland
  • 2017 International Conference on Landscape Architecture Education in Beijing, China
  • Several American Society of Landscape Architects regional chapter events