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LPS #5: Projects That Illustrate Landscape Performance

August 20, 2010

Design firm leaders describe selected projects that illustrate the concept of landscape performance and what makes each unique. Featuring leaders from: AECOM, AHBE, JJR, Mithun, OLIN, and SvR.

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Thorton Creek Water Quality Channel is a large channel through what was a parking lot in a mall in North Seattle and it takes polluted runoff from 700 acres. And it has all of the qualities of a public open space or a park, but it’s deeply rooted in, you know, channel configuration and plant selection about expressing that performance of cleaning the water.
 - Nate Cormier, ASLA, LEED AP, SvR Design Company

Taylor 28 is a very urban site – kind of a no-man’s land that is now a rejuvenating neighborhood within Seattle. I think the thing that was unique about this project is we were able to take the street and reorganize it in a way that really made the water function and made a great people place and changed really the face – it was really a catalyst project for the next five blocks of that street.
 - Deb Guenther, ASLA, LEED AP, Mithun

Crosswinds Marsh was a wetland re-creation done because an airport needed to expand a runway. The fact that they followed that up with the measurable science of how many bird species were attracted that weren’t there before, as well as the amphibians and the flora and the fauna. And you could just watch the bars go up year after year. So that really started to prove to me that the scientific methods of measurement has real importance to us. And when you see it on something like that, somebody gets it – it’s  tangible, they understand it.
 - Deb Mitchell, FASLA, JJR

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