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LPS #4: Challenges with Landscape Performance

August 20, 2010

Leaders discuss the challenges associated with designing for and measuring landscape performance. Featuring leaders from: AECOM, EDSA, Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects, HOK, Mithun, OLIN, Sasaki, SvR, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Texas A&M University, ValleyCrest, and Wolff Landscape Architecture.

Most of the planning projects are very long-term projects — you don’t build a city overnight — and much of the site development and community development, the scale takes many years to be completed. And so, actually figuring out what to measure, collecting the data, and then actually having substantial years of that data to make conclusions is a real challenge.
 - Chip Crawford, FASLA, The HOK Planning Group

If we are designing things and building things and not doing post-occupancy evaluation — and almost none of us are — who’s going to do that? And it seems to me that that’s a real opportunity for academics.
 - Ted Wolff, ASLA, Wolff Landscape Architecture, Inc.

It’s tough because who’s paying for that monitoring. And I think one of the ways that we’ve approached that is through partnering with universities, partnering with public utility companies and students that want to know — maybe use those topics for research. I think we need to push for partnership when we approach these projects because the data is really critical to moving forward and knowing that these landscapes are performing.
 - Deb Guenther, ASLA, LEED AP, Mithun

You design differently for something that you’re going to walk away from than for something that’s got to be monitored, for example. Where are the monitoring reports? What are the ways that you will get that feedback? Not unlike a chemist in the laboratory, you’re building that experiment, but it’s got to be durable in a public work sense, but still have that flexibility and that transparency and that cultural frame that people can go there and learn something from it.
 - Nate Cormier, ASLA, LEED AP, SvR Design Company

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