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LPS #1: Overview of Landscape Performance Series

August 20, 2010

Leaders discuss LAF’s new Landscape Performance Series, its components, and the importance of this initiative for landscape architecture and allied professions. Featuring leaders from: AECOM, JJR, LAF, Landscape Forms, OLIN, and Texas A&M University.

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The Landscape Performance Series is a series of initiatives to show the contribution that landscape performance makes towards achieving sustainability. Most people understand building performance but there’s low awareness about landscape performance and this is a program to change that by building a body of knowledge and providing tools to designers, agencies, and advocates to quantify benefits and make the case for sustainable landscape solutions.
 - Barbara Deutsch, ASLA Landscape Architecture Foundation

When a landscape is done, it’s just beginning and it changes. And it changes over time. So how you think you’ve designed it and how you think it functions is going to take time to be able to measure that. And that’s what the Landscape Performance Series is really tackling is this new territory, and in a very accessible way through the use of case studies.
 - Deb Mitchell, FASLA, JJR

I think clearly there is a vast body of knowledge that is untapped. And some of it may be anecdotal. Some of it may be locked away in Master’s theses that were done three years ago that have not seen the light of day and no one has read, but they’re brilliant works of research. So I think what LAF is trying to do is bring all that together, so that students or academics or professionals can learn from each other. Because we think the information is out there. We’ve just got to pull it in to one place.
- Dennis Carmichael, FASLA, AECOM

For me it’s a platform. I think the Landscape Performance Series really must serve that purpose and be that platform for discourse – for ongoing discourse.
- Lucinda R. Sanders, FASLA, OLIN

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