Landscape Futures Initiative

Landscape Futures Initiative

Landscape Futures Symposia

Leadership in Landscape Change
Clemson University
May 18-21, 2008 

Population and Social Dynamics
University of California, Davis
Oct 28-30, 2005 

Global Environmental Threats
Arizona State University
April 6-8, 2005 

Politics and Economy
University of Illinois
Sept 10-11, 2004 

University of Texas, Austin
Jan 30-31, 2004 

Culture and Technology
University of Virginia
Sept 5-6, 2003 

University of Pennsylvania
April 5-6 2002  

Future Needs of Land Design Professions

The Landscape Futures Initiative was a  series of seven in-depth symposia to address the direction and future needs of the land design and planning professions. By analyzing the drivers of global landscape change, LAF sought to redefine and redirect the profession and the disciplines of landscape architecture and planning, while developing a blueprint for the future. The goal of the Initiative was to prepare these professions to assume an informed leadership role and offer vision and inspiration to the rest of society in the face of rapid landscape change.

Drivers of Global Landscape Change

The Landscape Futures Initiative began by analyzing the processes of landscape transformation that will affect societies, environments and the design professions in the coming decades.  Ultimately, six drivers of global landscape change were identified.  

  • Urbanization
  • Connectivity
  • Culture and technology
  • Politics and economy
  • Global environmental threats
  • Population and social dynamics

Each symposium in the series focused on a specific driver of change and was hosted by a university across the country. The final conference, Leadership in Landscape Change, took place at Clemson University and synthesized the overall findings of the series. 

Symposium Sponsors and Partners

 The National Endowment for the Arts awarded LAF a $65,000 grant for the entire series.  Additional support was provided by sponsors and partners.