About LAF

About LAF

“The landscape architecture profession — whether public, private or academic — needs an unbiased voice to give us a neutral, clear vision of what’s important. LAF is that voice: multilateral, inclusive, listening, and effective at developing effective messages, accessible tools and products that support our practice.”

           — Joseph Brown, FASLA, AECOM´╗┐

The mission of the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) is to support the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment. LAF invests in research, scholarships, and leadership initiatives to increase our collective capacity to achieve sustainability and support the next generation of design leaders.

Founded over 50 years ago, LAF has been the nexus of inquiry and innovation for the landscape architecture profession. Today, the mission to support the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment has never been more resonant. As the world’s population becomes increasingly urban and demands on natural resources more acute, landscape architects play an essential role in solving the complex, interrelated environmental, economic, and social problems we face today.

Through its leadership and philanthropic activities, LAF continues to advance the body of knowledge and support innovative projects and initiatives needed not only for the landscape architecture profession, but for the many professionals and advocates who share LAF’s mission and are critical to its success.

  • Research. Advancing landscape performance and applied research.
  • Scholarships. Supporting outstanding students to sustain and diversify the profession.
  • Leadership. Strengthening the discipline to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Our Core Programs

Landscape Performance Series

An online interactive set of resources to show the value of landscape and provide tools for designers, agencies and advocates to quantify benefits and make the case for sustainable landscape solutions.


Case Study Investigation (CSI)

A unique research collaboration that matches LAF-funded faculty-student research teams with leading practitioners to document the benefits of exemplary high-performing landscape projects.


Student Scholarships

Financial awards that support the education of new generations of landscape architects by rewarding superior student performance, encouraging diversity, supporting original research, and assisting students with unmet financial need.


Olmsted Scholars Program

The premier national award program for landscape architecture students, which recognizes the top landscape architecture student from each accredited program in the U.S. and Canada, along with the jury-selected national award winners and finalists.



LAF Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership

An opportunity for professionals with 6+ years of experience to reflect, research, explore, create, test, and develop ideas into action. Over the course of a year, Fellows attend three 2.5-day residencies and dedicate the equivalent of 3 months’ time to a proposed project that brings about impactful change and empowers landscape architecture.